NetBet Kombi-Boost: Secure up to 50% higher profits

The betting provider NetBet now offers a great combination bonus. The betting provider promises up to 50 percent higher winnings on successful combination bets. In order to receive the maximum bonus of 50 percent, a combination bet with 13 or more selections must be correctly typed.

combination bets promise considerably higher winnings than most single bets – after all, the odds of the selected tips are multiplied by each other in combination bets. However, this also entails an increased risk. Only if all tips of the combination bet are correct, the combination bet is successful. The courage to take a higher risk and thus the chance of higher winnings are now made more attractive by NetBet with a bonus. Up to 50 percent higher winnings can be achieved with successful combination bets.

Now NetBet Kombi-Bonus secure

Participating in the NetBet campaign is very easy. The first thing to do is to have an active betting account with the betting provider. If this account is available and you are logged in, the combination bet can be placed. The combination bet must contain at least three selections and the selections must come from the following sports: Football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey or baseball. Also not all leagues and tournaments of the respective sports are valid for the action. A detailed list of eligible leagues and tournaments can also be found on NetBet’s promotions page.

In addition, care must be taken to ensure that each combination bet selection meets the 1.20 minimum odds. If only one or more selections do not meet the minimum odds, the combination bet will not qualify for the bonus. The promotion is only valid for pre-live bets. The promotion can also be applied to system bets, as long as these only include combination bets and no single bets. Again, please note that each selection meets the minimum odds. Assuming a system bet “4 out of 5” is placed, the bonus for 4er combination bets becomes active: A bonus of 5 percent is credited with a successful combination bet.

The following bonus percentages are granted for successful combination bets in the form of real money on the betting account (there may be a delay of up to 5 minutes):

  • 3 combi – 3%
  • 4 combi – 5%
  • 5 combi – 8%
  • 6 combi – 14%
  • 7 combi – 18%
  • 8 combi – 23%
  • 9 combi – 28%
  • 10 combi – 35%
  • 11 combi – 40%
  • 12er-Kombi – 45%
  • 13er+-Kombi – 50%

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Should a selection be aborted or not be valid for other reasons, the bet is excluded from the action. The same is true for bets placed with a Freebet token or bets that have been cashed out prematurely. Outright bets are generally excluded. Customers from the following countries cannot participate in the promotion: United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Benin, Ivory Coast, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Georgia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia, Nigeria, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe and Ukraine.

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