ComeOn! ESL One Special – Win a Playstation 4 Pro with a 10 Euro Wager

The bookmaker Comeon! is known for his bonus promotions, which have it all. Shortly after the opening of the betting portal, the betting provider was able to make a name for itself by giving each newly registered bettor seven euros of free credit. These times are however past and the bookmaker was established in the meantime and sets beside a new customer bonus also on numerous bonus offers for inventory customers.

With the ESL One special the bet offerer underlines the fact that eSports belongs in the meantime simply to sport bets to it. The constantly growing market has moved into the hearts of betting fans, as every match can hardly be surpassed in excitement. Often also outsiders win a game, so that there are high odds to win!

The bonus action “On the seats, ready, gambling” offers Comeon! betting friends the chance to win a Playstation 4 Pro! What you have to do, we’ll tell you now!

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Register, Deposit and Tap eSports

Participating in this promotion is as easy as described. If you already have a Comeon! account, all you need to do is sign up and make a deposit. If you still have credit on your betting account, you don’t even have to make this request, because there is no deposit obligation.

If there is credit on your betting account, you only have to place a 10 Euro bet on an eSports event of your choice. Afterwards you will be in the lottery pot for the main prize and with a little luck you will not only win your wager, but also a Playstation 4 Pro to be able to gamble yourself!

You can participate until 07.07

We have now told you what you have to do to be able to participate. But now it’s time to be fast! Until the end of ESL One in Cologne, bettors still have the chance to place their bets for the bonus. After the final game the draw will take place and a short time later the winner will be determined.

It is important to note that you must register for this bonus offer. So just wait with your bet and inform yourself on the promotion page of the bookmaker about all important information. By clicking on the “Participate” button you will be registered for the bonus. However, you will not find your way into the lottery pot until you place a qualifying bet. It does not matter whether you win or lose your bet, only the stake is decisive.

The qualifying bet does not necessarily have to be placed on ESL One for this promotion. Other eSports titles also offer you the chance to win the main prize if you get carried away with a 10 Euro bet.

The range of eSports titles on offer at Comeon! is excellent. In addition to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and DOTA2, there are other games that will be even more exciting with a bet. To get an insight, just go to the eSports competition category of the bookmaker and choose a title.

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